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This product is a pesticide with high effect and broad spectrum properties.It can prevent and cute pests that are harmful to leaf and fruit ...
Danyang Agrochemical Co., Ltd.

20%ya ke emulsive oil
It has work through touchig and stomach poison and also rejecting food、killing nit、 chrysalides etc. It is safe for person and...
Anyang Quanfeng factory

4.5%high effect chlorin cyanogen ester
It has worked throught touching and stomach poison,which can be high-effect.It can be commonly used to prevent all kinds of vermi...
Anyang Quanfeng factory

40%killness sulfur phosphor emulsive oil
For sugar beet noctuid and cotton bell worm ,This product has hight-effect because it is s developed dissymmetry organic phosphor acid ester...
Anyang Quanfeng factory

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