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Flower mutriment
The product is made up with many kinds of plant leaves mutriment: Natural organic material. Vitamin, Iron ionic, Phosphoric acid, Kalium ele...
Chengdu NewSun Biochemistry Co. ltd.

Plant-pesticide for flower
Element of flower plant-pesticide for flower, it is one type of new, highly efficient, widely, insecticide, it has powerful pesticide activi...
Chengdu NewSun Biochemistry Co. ltd.

Fresh keeping reagent
Fresh keeping reagent is one kind of perfect preparation for keeping reagent before picking and ikebana, insert in vase, storing after picki...
Chengdu NewSun Biochemistry Co. ltd.

Plant-bictericide for flower
Element of Flower Plant-cibtericide for flower, it is one type of new, highly efficient, widely brotective germicide. It can form alayer of ...
Chengdu NewSun Biochemistry Co. ltd.

Compound fertilizer
China Nuclear Industry Jianfeng Chemical Facrory

Melting Point:74-75℃ Solubility:Solubility in water 1Kg/L,soluble in organic solvents. Stability:stable in aqueous solutions ...
Shaoxing Donghu Bio-chemical Co.,Ltd.

Chlormequat Chloride
Vapor pressure:0.001mpa(20℃) Solubility:soluble in water Stability:stable in acid and neutral solutio...
Shaoxing Donghu Bio-chemical Co.,Ltd.

Low-strong element
Low-strong element is a high effect、wide spectrum、low poison plant growth regulator,which can effectively control p...
Anyang Quanfeng factory

80%aijiaohu dissolubility powder
If using it for 3--5 days,chlorophyl will increase quickly,plant become dark,and photosynthesis is improved. Gramineous...
Anyang Quanfeng factory

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