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Sweetening catalysts DSH
Products are blue black power. Their cobalt content are or more than 6 percent. They can be used to sweeten gasoline, kerosene, and diesel, ...
Sciensun chemical Co Ltd.

Supported sweetening catalyst TSH-1
The new type of sweetening catalyst was developed according to the standard of international advanced sweetening technology by the institute...
Sciensun chemical Co Ltd.

CH-19 and DC-101 hydrofining catalysts
CH-19 and CH-101 are new generation of hydrofining catalysts, which are developed by research institute of Changling branch, SINOPEC. The ca...
Sciensun chemical Co Ltd.

CGH activators
High activity, and long life of catalyst in bedŁ¬good performance in sweetening process, high acceptability percent of gasoline doctor test ...
Sciensun chemical Co Ltd.

Lindlar Catalyst
Shaanxi Kaida Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.

slurry bed catalysts
Shaanxi Kaida Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.

fixed bed catelysts
Shaanxi Kaida Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.

metal compounds
Shaanxi Kaida Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.

Cupric acetate
Shanghai Luyuan Fine Chemical Factory

Antimony ethylene glycol Catalyst
The product is white or gray crystal powder. The product dissolves easily and reduces the vacuum load in polyester production. ...
Nanning Antimony Product Factory

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