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Surface attribution changing antimony trioxide
By active agent changing the surface of Sb2O3 this kind of Sb2O3 surface transits from inorganic hydrophilisity to organic oil closing, it f...
Anhua Huayu Antimony Industry Co.,Ltd.

Colloid antimony in smoke prohibitive type
It is composed of Sb2O3. Smoke prohibitive agent and high-capability agent, by special processing, with the advantage of excellent combustio...
Anhua Huayu Antimony Industry Co.,Ltd.

Silica hydrate
Zhuzhou Xinglong Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.


Super fine antimony oxide with high purity
It is a kind of pure white super fine powder. Its major crystal structure is cuboid crystal. It is widely applied in pure white plastic. hig...
Anhua Huayu Antimony Industry Co.,Ltd.

Common antimony oxide
It is a kind of white powder, widely used in the industries including plastic, porcelain enamel and ceramics etc.. ...
Anhua Huayu Antimony Industry Co.,Ltd.

peroxide of magnesium
I t is white or yellowish powder, flavourless, tiny soluble but easy dissolve.peroxide of magnesium is a kind of very steady peroxid, whic...
Zhejiang Jinke Chemicals Co., LTD.

Phosphorus Pentoxide
This product is white soft powder; specific gravity:2.39; it is sublimated at 347C; under pressure it will melt at 563C, corrosive to sk...
Changzhou Wujin Huayang Chemical Co.,LTD.(new chemical factory)

Zirconium oxide
Insoluble in water Non-toxic, odorless Monoclinic crystals ...
Jiangxi Kingan Hi-Tech Co., LTD.

Zirconia hydrate
Insoluble in water Soluble in strong inorganic acids, eg. concentrated sulfuric acid Odorless, non-toxic ...
Jiangxi Kingan Hi-Tech Co., LTD.

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