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Place of origin: Japan, Canada Quality: purity99.5% Annual import quantity: 200,000t ...
Shenzhen D.F.L. Investment & Development Co., Ltd.

calcined kaolin
The performance is good. The temperature distributing is even and stable during calcining, and heat using rate is high. It is easy to co...
Shanxi Jufeng Kaolin Co.,Ltd.

°°Chuangwei kaolin is refined from high quality coal serial in Datong and suozhou,Which is a deposit specified with high in purity ,stab...
Taiyuan Chuangwei kaolin Co.,Ltd.

calcified kaolin
This material has the properties of metal and nonmetal, it also has other characteristics, such as high methanical strength, impact resi...
Taiyuan Chuangwei kaolin Co.,Ltd.

Industrial hydrogen peroxide
Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid ...
Jilin Shuang ou Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Sodium percarbonate
Appearance:White crystal or crystalline powder ...
Jilin Shuang ou Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Industrial thiourea Dioxide
Appearance: White powdery crystal ...
Jilin Shuang ou Chemical Co.,Ltd.

Nanjing Guanhua Trading Co.,Ltd.

pure argon
O2°‹10ppm N2°‹50ppm H2°‹5ppm...
Sichuan Tuozhan Special Gas Co., Ltd.

liquid argon
O2°‹4ppm N2°‹15ppm H2°‹2ppm...
Sichuan Tuozhan Special Gas Co., Ltd.

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