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 Drying Equipment(18)  Filters And filtration Systems(25)
 Instrument(3)  Mixer(5)
 Others(24)  Pipes And Accessories(3)
 Pump And Valve(5)  Reactor(1)
 Separation Equipment(11)  Size Reduction Equipment(6)
 Storage Equipment(2)  Thermal Process Equipment(3)
 Transportation Equipment(2)  Vessels(2)

Type 1600 recessed plate filter press
Zhejiang Jianhua Group Filter Press Co., Ltd.

PLG Continual Plate Drier
[Principle] Wet materials are continuously to the first drying layer on the top of the drying .They will turned and stirred by ra...
Changzhou Xianfeng Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.

ZHG Inner-hot Harrow Type Vacuum Drier
description:The strucrure of machine is compact and its maintenance cycle is long ,it is proved through practice for a long time that po...
Jiangyin Dongsheng Pharmaceutical & Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd

Jingjin series filter press
Hebei Jingjin Filter Press Factory

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