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 Antianaphylaxis(antihistamines) and antidotes(1)  Antibiotic and antimicrobial agents(45)
 Antiparasitics and antispirochete agents(4)  Auxiliaries and miscellaneous medicinal chemicals(3)
 Blood system agents(6)  Cardiovascular agents(3)
 Central nervous system depressants and stimulants(1)  Dermatological agents(1)
 Disinfector and preservative(2)  Electrolyte balance and dialysis agents(1)
 Gastrointestinal agents(1)  Herbal Plant Extract(71)
 Hormones and synthetic substitutes(40)  Respiratory system agents(9)
 Vitamin, amino acids and coenzymes(25)  

sodium perchlorate monohydrate
Colorless to white crystals,easily soluble in water and alcohol,specific gravity 2.02. ...
Hebei Smart Chemicals (Group) Co. Ltd.

White crystals,apt to decompose in contact with wet air ...
Hebei Smart Chemicals (Group) Co. Ltd.

ammonium bicarbonate
Colorless crystals or white crystalline powder,soluble in water,insoluble in alcohol and acetone,aqueous solution appears alkali,specific gr...
Hebei Smart Chemicals (Group) Co. Ltd.

potassium sorbate
White powder or granular,very easily soluble in water,also soluble in alcohol. ...
Hebei Smart Chemicals (Group) Co. Ltd.

[Commodity Name]: Fipronil/Phironin [Chemical Name]: (RS)-5-amido-1-(2,6-dichloro-4a-trifluoromethyl phenyl)-4-trifluoromethyl s...
AVF Chemical Industrial CO.,LTD

[Chemical Name ] 3,5-binitro o-methyl benzol-formamide [CAS]: 148-01-6 [M.W.]: 225.18 [Properties]: pale yellow ...
AVF Chemical Industrial CO.,LTD

[Commodity Name]: Dliclazuril [Other Name]: chlorobenzene acetonitrile (essential component) [CAS]: 101831-37-2 ...
AVF Chemical Industrial CO.,LTD

[Commodity name]: Toltrazuril [Chemical Name]: 1-methyl-3-(3-methyl-4-{(4-[(trifluoromethyl)thio]phenoxy)phenyl} 1,3,5-triazinan...
AVF Chemical Industrial CO.,LTD

[Commodity name]: Carprofen [Chemical Name ]: 6-chloro-alpha-methyl-9H-carbazole-2-acetic acid [Cas ]: 53716-49-7 ...
AVF Chemical Industrial CO.,LTD

【Characteristics】:yellow crystalline powder Identification:IR, UV conform Assay:98.0%-102.0% ...
Taizhou Candorly Sea Biochemical & Health Products Co., Ltd.

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