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allyl alcohol polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene ether colorless to light yellow transparent liquid(25C) Hydroxyl value :458mgKOH/g PH :...
Liaoning Kelong Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.

CAS#: 369-34-6...
Zhejiang Sanmen Xieshi Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

Special rubber
Polyacrylacid ester rubber JF-ACM is a special type rubber with saturation backbone structure, which has the advantage of heat-resistanc...
China Nuclear Industry Jianfeng Chemical Facrory

cellulose ethers
Cellulose ethers are water-soluble polymers derived from cellulose, the most abundant polymer in nature. For a long time these versatile...
Suzhou Tianpu Chemical Co., Ltd.

N41 acrylonitile butadiene rubber
Guangzhou Dongshan Chemical Group

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