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Kojic Acid
CAS No. [501-30-4] Melting point: 152 - 154C ...
Shanghai uchem Co.,Ltd

Kojic Acid Dipalmitate
CAS No. 79725-98-7 Melting Point: 92-94 C...
Shanghai uchem Co.,Ltd

Active Collagen Polypeptide
Shanghai uchem Co.,Ltd

Zinc Pyrithione
Shanghai uchem Co.,Ltd

Plant extract
Shanghai uchem Co.,Ltd

Colorless transparent liquid - HLB Value7.9 PH:5-7 Application: Emulsifier, high effective foaming agent and material of AES ....
Liaoning Kelong Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.

Arbutin is also called arbutosie, ursin, uresol etc.. It is the active substance originated from natural green plant which can whiten an...
Hubei Xiangxi Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.

is the epimer of arbutin,which has been found to have stronger inhibitory action than that of arbutin. Even in very low concentration, -...
Hubei Xiangxi Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.

Plant extract arbutin
Arbutin was first discovered in arctostapylos uva-ursi (L.) spreng and then in the leaves of vaccinicum vitis-idaca L., pyrus pyrifolia ...
Hubei Xiangxi Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.

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