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Zhejiang jihua group co.,ltd.


Zhejiang jihua group co.,ltd. is Located in Hangzhou, capital city of Zhejiang Province, we have convenient access to the nearby Xiaoshan International Airport, in addition to transport links to export docks at Shanghai and Ningbo.

With seven subsidiary enterprises, and our own steam power and 10,000-ton sewage treatment plants, our main series currently include polyurethane foam , dyestuffs and relevant intermediates. Our total annual output of dyestuff is 100,000 ton (disperse dyes is 60,000ton,reactive dyes is 30,000ton,other dyes ,like acid ,direct dyes is 10,000ton) and relevant intermediates is 50,000 tons. soft polyurethane foam is 10,000 tons.

Constantly enhancing our management system and upgrading technical measures, we are developing rapidly. Having experienced annual growth rates of over 30% in recent years, our total assets are now worth in excess of USD120,000,000. Meanwhile, with 2,000 employees, highly qualified engineers and technicians account for over 10% of our total workforce.

Conducting management processes using scientific methods, our facilities are fitted with advanced production equipment, complemented by a full range of testing and inspection instruments. These apparatus include color measuring meters, gas- and liquid- phase chromatographs, particle size analysis and ultraviolet spectrometers; thus ensuring the stability of all product series.

Holding the right to independently conduct international trade, our annual sales are now valued at USD180,000,000, of which 50% is generated by overseas sales. If your company is an importer, distributor or retailer of dyestuffs or any of our other products, please contact us with your detailed requirements. We are looking forward to having the opportunity of working together with you in the near future.

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