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Shangyu Chemical Industry Corp.


Shangyu Chemical Industry Corp. (Hereinafter“Shangyuchem?, is an ISO9002, certified private company specializing in chemicals and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It aims at supplying to the global market with competitive, environment-friendly, and human-benefited quality products. Shangyuchem is a major manufacturer and exporter of peroxides, agrochemicals, performance chemicals and TCM health & personal care products in China. ¡¡

Together with its subsidiaries Shangyu Hanhua Chemical Co.,Ltd., Shangyu Jiehua Chemical Co.,Ltd., Shangyu Lihua Chemical Co.,Ltd., Shaoxing Meihua Home Solution Co.,Ltd., Shangyu TCM Biotech Laboratories, Shangyuchem is a fast-growing company that lives its value and has a global existence.

Our Mfg. sites are located in Shangyu, a city in the southeast of China. Shangyu boasts a convenient traffic by adjoining to the Chinese top port cities Shanghai and Ningbo. One of the sites is in Shangyu Fine Chemical Zone, it covers a land of 25 hectares. All the establishments, including water supply, power supply, steam supply and waste disposing facilities are completed which qualifies Shangyuchem to produce all kinds of chemicals and pharmaceutical products.

Shangyuchem bases all its activities on its philosophy“Human focused management, Constant creation and innovation, Persistence in honesty and integrity, Complete utilization of opportunities and chances? We believe that the cooperation between customers and us is valuable. We strive to help our customers gain the competitive advantage necessary to be successful in the market by supplying the best possible products and services.

The P.R.C.’s entry in WTO family encourages more economic exchanges between China and other member countries. Shangyuchem believes that, through its continued efforts, its products and services shall become increasingly popular in the global market and create value for its customers and partners.

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