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Shouguang Ocean Chemical Co., Ltd.
Weifang Brother Chemical Co., Ltd.

  Shouguang Ocean Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a stock enterprise, which was founded in 1996. In 2000, we founded the joint-venture Weifang Brother Chemical Co.,ltd. We specialize in research, manufacture, sale and application of bromide series flame retardant, medicine, pesticide, dye intermediate and so on. We have got the certificate of ISO9001:2000 quality system. Our products include bromide series flame retardant, among the products, Tetrabromobisphenol A producing capacity is 5000 mt/year, tetrabromobisphenol a bis(dibromopropyl ether) producing capacity is 3000mt/year, we are the largest producer on the above two products in China. Our poly(2,6-dibromophenol) ether and Brominated Polystyrene products' quality reaches the first class level in the world. Our products have got well-received by our customers in China, EU, USA, Korea, Southeast Asia etc.

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