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Liaoning Kelong Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.

  Liaoning Kelong Chemical Industry Company is a multipleunit high-tech enterprise of Liaoning Province that focuses on the research,development and production of surface active agent,polyamide heat melting adhesive,metal agglomerate felt filter element series products.Our subsidiaries are including Kelong Chemical Company,Kelong Plastic Resin Company, Filter Company,Chemical Research Institute and the liaisons in Guangzhou,Shanghai and Shijiazhuang. With a powerful team of talented persons and a close collaboration with many famous academies and research institutes,we have particular advantages in the development of non ionogenic surface active agent,garb use heat melting adhesive and filter element.We offer our clients products of high quality that were ensured by our rigorous quality control system,checking system and perfect spot service.In the spirit of the tenet "Pursuing the better quality;Offering more better service",we zealously welcome friends of all circles to do business with us with top-ranking products,credit and service and reasonable price. Our company is now the commissioner unit of Fine Chemical Committee of China Chemical Academy and the director unit of Agglutinate and Heat Melting Adhesive Branch of Costume Auxiliary Materials Committee of China Textile Engineering Academy.

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