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Changzhou Wujin Huayang Chemical Co.,LTD.(new chemical factory)


Our plant was established during open and reforming period. Under the tremendous support and sincere cooperation of friends, our plant now develops with the development of market economy. Our plant will consistently carry out the principle of "survive on quality, develop on credit" and "abiding by contract, quality first" to exploit and expand circulation of commodities. We insist on honest business relationship with clients in different lines. Phosphorus pentoxide(P2O5) and polyphosphiric acid (PPA) produced by our plant has formed a certain production scale. Yearly production capacity for phosphorus pentoxide is 5000T, Yearly production capacity for Polyphosphiric acid is 2000T.Our company is the biggest manufacturer of products of this kind in China.Products are widely used in the industries of medicine, phosphorus oxychloride, fine chemica, coating auxiliaries, dyeing and printing auxiliaries, fire retardan, terylene cut sheet, essence, spicery, phosphoric acid, toothpaste additive, polyphosphate, pesticide, petroleum products etc.. Products have reached certain standard. You will save a lot if you purchase materials of our company.

This product is sold to Southeast Asia, Europe, America and different parts of our country. According to the philosophy of "redit first, willing to serve clients", we heartily welcome clients at home and abroad to visit our company to negotiate business with us. If your company is interested in the cooperation with us, please contact us by telephone or something else. Thank you for your cooperation!

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