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Yixing Auxiliary Chemicals Plant(JiangSu RuiJia Chemical Co.,Ltd.)


Yixing Auxiliary Chemicals Plant was founded in 1987. It is located in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, a typical medium-sized city in Yangtze Delta, China's economic powerhouse. Our company occupies a total area of roughly seven hectares, with a total fixed assets worth of RMB•120 million. We are a long-term provider of cigarette filter plasticizer to China Tobacco. In 2003, we set up Jiangsu Ruijia Chemical Company Limited in cooperation with a US company, Apex Pharmaceutical.

Our main products are cigarette filter plasticizer, glycol monoether or acetate, nano Mg/Zn/Al hydroxide, and pharmachemical intermediate. We are currently the largest manufacturer of triacetin in China. And we are the first manufacturer to have volume production of ethylene/propylene glycol monoether derivatives. In 2003, we added a DCS controlled 15,000-ton propylene glycol unit to boost our production capacity of the product and its derivatives. Our company established the catalyzing & rectifying manufacture installation with the annual output of 15000 tons for propylene glycol ether and glycol ether and 15000 tons for propylene glycol ether acetate and glycol ether acetate in 2003.The nano Mg/Zn/Al hydroxide series, developped by us in collaboration with Beijing University of Chemical Technology and funded by some state-level sci-tech promotion programs, further extends our product range to flame retardant and heat stabilizer.

Our products have been well accepted by customers throughout China.We have liaison office in Shanghai and Guangzhou to communicate with customers near the two regions.Our products have also been exported to US, Australia, South Korea and other countries.

We are an ISO9000 enterprise. In the past years we have been named Top 100 Township Enterprise by the State Ministry of Agriculture and the former State Ministry of Chemical Industry, Torch Plan High-tech Enterprise, AAA Enterprise Jiangsu Province, and more.

Through our continuous efforts in improvement of facilities, technology, management and quality control, we aim at providing quality products and services to customers on a global basis.

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