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Shangyu Fine Chemical Factory


Shangyu Fine Chemical Company Limited was founded in 1987. Our company is located in Daoxu - a typical Yangtze-Delta town 15KM west of downtown Shangyu and 20KM south of Shaoxing, neighboring Hangzhou-Ningbo Railway, 104 State Way, Hangzhou-Ningbo Highway and Shangyu-Sanmen Highway for easy access to major regional cities.

We are a specialized textile chemical manufacturer. We have a reliable technical team composed of some senior engineers highly expertised in textile dyeing/printing. We are positively engaged in the research and development of new textile chemical products, textile processing solutions and post-sales services. And we have long formed collaborative relationship with some academic organizations and research institutes to be in keeping with latest industry technologies.

We always regard quality as our first priority to achieve total customer satisfaction. Our products have been well received by textile manufacturers around China.

Our manager, Mr. Ruan Guanyou, on behalf of all the employees, wishes to have opportunities to cooperated with you. We are looking forward to your inquiry and/or visit.

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