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Zhejiang Realsun Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.


We are specially engaged in fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, agrochemicals and their intermediates. Our plant is located in the seaside city--Taizhou City of Zhejiang Province. The company has autonomous right of export and import, has its own wharf for chemicals by which it can directly import, export, store and load chemical materials as well as export in bulk through the pipelines of the wharf. With excellent technical team, advanced production techniques, first-class equipment and quality control system, vigorous system and consummate environmental protection, we produces products of high technology and high quality.

We are mainly engaged in the production and distribution of three categories of chemicals:

First ,we are engaged in developing and producing the products of Gamma-butyrolactone series. We produce pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals of pyrrolidone with Gamma-butyrolactone as the main raw materials, and produce ramification intermediates of cyclopropyl and cyclopropane with 2-acetyl-Gamma-butyrolactone as the main material. This series of products mainly include: gamma- butyrolactone, 2-acetyl-gamma-butyrolactone, 5-chloro-2-pentanone, 2-pyrrolidone, N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone, cyclopropyl methyl ketone, dicyclopropyl ketone, cyclopropanecarboxylic acid , methyl cyclopropanecarboxylate, cyclopropanecarbonyl chloride, cyclopropyl carbinol, cyclopropyl methyl chloride, cyclopropyl cyanide, 2-amino-5-diethylamino pentane and so forth. We have complete varieties of this category of products whose quality is the leading place both home and abroad.

Second , we can process organic chemical materials, special chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and chemical reagents in according with contracts for clients all over the world. We has advantages in professionals, techniques and quality to offer satisfactory service to clients in the field of pharmaceutics , dyestuff, pesticides, polymer, polyurethane, etc..

Third , we are engaged in developing and producing agrochemicals and their intermediates. We have successfully developed many new products, the technical and quality level of the products have reached international advanced level.

Aiming at technical development and quality control, we built a expert team of chemical synthesis and invest 7.5% of our annual output value as the fund of product development so as to guarantee the superiority in technology and quality. Our principle is: seek codevelopment under the premise of satisfying clients and make value for them,our business philosophy is: cooperation is more than competition.

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