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Danyang Agrochemical Co., Ltd.


We,Danyang Agrochemicals Co.,Ltd.were founded in 1989 and specialized in processing and formulating various kind of pyrethroid insecticides. Our business has been growing very fast thanks to our endless pursuit of higher product quality plus costs controlling. Since from 1996, we have been the leading producer of Fenvalerate, Fenpropathrin, Cypermethrin and Betacypermethrin in whole China,mean while, we became one of the largest producers of Bifenthrin,Lambdacyhalothrin,Alphacypermethrin,Deltamethrin, Acetamiprid and Imidacloprid, 90%of which are for export and they were well known and sold under its brand name like MEILIAN(Fenvalerate),HUANGMA(Fenpropathrin),MEGAMOS(Acetamiprid)to Pakistan,India,Iran,Turkey,Middle east and worldwide markets.

Supported by our strong R&D team and other cooperators,we are able to develo new items effectively and continuously,those items we are planning to develop net are Glycophene,Tralomethrin, Tefluthrin,Fipronil and Dicamb,so please don't hesitate to contact us if you happened to be interested in these items or if you want to find a matching partner at agrochemicals industry in China for any other new products.

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