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Hebei Jingjin Filter Press Factory


Heibei Jingjin Filter Press CO.,LTD located in Jingxian,Hebei Province,China.The factory was originally established in 1988,now it has developed into one of the largest filter press manufacturers of the world.The factory was also appointed as a press supplier for China Chemical Equipment Corporation and was elected as the member of National Technical Standard Committee of separation Machinery.In 1999,the factory acquired the certificate of ISO 9001.

Depending on the application of advanced production technology,the factory has made great achievements in development,design and manufacture of filter press.All products,especially types of plate & frame,recessed and membrane filter press, have distinguished their extratrordinary powers.The following features of the press we made should be emphasized:easily to operate,reliable safety,excellent performance under high temperature and pressure,corrosion rsistance,relatively short filtraction period,effective wash operation,minimum water content in cake and fast discharge.The material we used to make press includes rubber,reinforced polypropylene,reinforced compound polypropylene,stainless steel and cast iron etc.,the membrane pressure and operation life of high-pressure membrane polypropylene plate,which has been patented in China,has reached the world' standard.

In accordance with the business principle of "quality first and customers first",the factory has set up effective quality testing system and pre-sell/after-sell service system,and it has provided many advantages such as high product quality and low operation cost for the customers in chemical,environmental protection,coal washing and other industries.

"Innovation,honesty,speciality and dedication" is the business spirit of Jingjiners.With the development of science and technology in 21st century,we are glad to enjoy the prosperity of success with our customers.

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