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Jiangsu Huachang (Group) Co., Ltd.


Jiangsu Huachang (Group) Co., Ltd. is a national large scale second grade chemical enterprise, is one of 100 chemical companies in China. We have 19 companies and enterprises, including one important national hi-tech company, 3 hi-tech companies of Jiangsu province. Our businesses include chemical industry, electromechanical industry, construction and hotel. Jiangsu Huachang (Group) Co., Ltd. has got lots honors from government, including national "Wuyi" labor award, advanced chemical company of China and national advanced team in environmental protection. Our factories got the certificates of ISO2000 quality system, the export product is over 30 types.

Upholding such idea of "To be an one hundred years company, set up the foundation of people's industry", we will develop our business to be an international technical and multielement company. We are working on the development of pharmaceutical chemicals, fine chemicals, pesticide chemicals and special electromechanical products. We welcome your business.

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