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About Us

Jingjiang Saideli Pharmaceutical Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd(Jingjiang Pharmaceutical Machine Factory)


Saideli (Jingjiang) Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.Itd is a high-tech enter-prise capable of research & development as well as manufacturing.The company has its own research institute,a lab with complete equipment of separating and drying,the number of equipment and installation totalling 26,and that of manufacturing totalling 221 sets.Among its prisent staff of 280,there are two doctoral supervisors,four engineers with professor status,four senior engineer,four-teen engineers and thirty-eight assistant engineers.

since the early 1970s,the company has been manufacturing ceclusively separating and drying machinery.Following the latest international trend and aiming high,the company has continuously tured out high-tech products in accordance with the GMP standard for pharmaceutical production.

The company sticks to the belief of satifying the customer and the marketr with superior product,honest and reliable attitude and leading technology.It is one of the first to pass the ISO9001 in this industry.

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