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Taizhou Candorly Sea-Biochemical & Health Products Co., Ltd.


Taizhou Candorly Sea Biochemical & Health Products Co.,Ltd. was born in 1989, now it has more than ten-year-old history. It is a High-Tech privacy enterprise with large scale in Wenling City which organized in terms of the modern management system. Now we are successful in managing the products including Clindamycin Hcl, D-glucosamine, Methotrexate and Chitin series products and the others intermediates, also the health product named "PUDUOAN" capu Recently, we exploit the new anti-HIV DDI (2,3-Dideoxy Inosine).

Candorly company develops very fast in the recent years and cooperates closely with the institutions in the domestic medical and chemical fields. We own a professional team composing of the technological persons, good testing equipment and have established the strict quality assurance system. We have passed the quality system certificate of SGS and ISO9002.

Future of our company is wide. 90 percent of the products have been exported Europe, American, Canada and Southeast Asia. Some of them have registered in U.S.A. FDA. With the large efforts on exploiting and studying the high-tech products, the Candorly Co's tommorrow will be more beautiful.

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