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HuangShi ZHENHUA Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd


Beieflntroduction HUANGSHI ZHENHUA CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD, former YEGANG GROUP HUANGSHI INORGANIC SALT FACTORY, established in 1967,one lr the biggest chromate manufacturer in China.

Our company employed 380 workers including 60 specialists with middlelr senior technological titles,owns the first clsss equipment--ф3metersgyoidal stove and 100 square meters forced-cirlulation-evaporator,uniquelyowns advanced non-calcium-calcination technology in China.

ISO9001 certificated in2002

Its main product includes chromic acid,sodium bichronate,chromic hydroxide,chrome powder,chrome oxide green with annually producing capacity or30,000metrictons.

Our products are widely used in electroplating,tannage,metallurgy,pigement (etc),and export aat all time to Asia,Americ a,Europe and Africa. We embrace the core of bdst quality,keep improving,consumerism,benefit mutually.And serve all customers domestic and oversea,cooperate with all friends for common development and common prospect.

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