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Puyang Willing Chemical Co.,Ltd.


Founded in 1999 with the name of Puyang Willing Chemical Co.,Ltd.Puyang Willing Chemical Co.,Ltd.is becoming to be the leading professional manufacturer for Rubber Agents.The plant is located in Puyang City,Henan Province,lean close to the Zhongyuan Petrochemical Co.,Ltd.,with the strong points of geography,energy and human resources.

Our company has made big improvement during the past years.Our business orientation is"Market orientation,Quality first".We have built R & D Center has high R & D capability,could support our customer to solve their thchnical issue.

We have more than 30 sort of products,these products could be divided into 4 groups.In 2001,60% of the products are exported to USA,France and South East Asia pacific area.They are mainly used in the manufacture of tires,belts,rubber tubes,wire and cable,rubber shoes and rubber parts etc.

Corporate Characteristics:Customer priority,Top quality,Complicated products slate.

Our first priority is meeting all customer requirements with top quality products are best service.

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