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Shandong Laizhou laiyu Chemical CO.,ltd

  Laizhou laiyu Chemical CO.,ltd was founded in 1984,which is a professional manufacturer of magnesium salt and bromine flame retardant with a high level in the profession of China. with two producing factories, a research center and an international trade branch, we have been an energetic enterprise which involving manufacturing, sales, researching and developing. we always insist on the following policies: considering market as orientation, considering technology as direction, considering management as basement, considering benefit as goal, considering customers' satisfaction as purpose. mainly products: ONE, Magnesium salt: magnesium sulfate(MgSO4) magnesium hyoxide(Mg(OH)2), magnesium acetate ((CH3COO)2Mg). Magnesium Nitrate£¨Mg(NO3)2 , Magnesium Carbonate (XMgCO3•yMg(OH)2•ZH2O), Magnesium Trisilicate (2MgO?SiO2?H2O), Magnesium Oxide. TWO, Bromine Flame retardant: Octa bromine ether(BDDP) ,Poly(2.6-dibrominephenyl) ether (PBO), Tribromophenol (TBP), Tribromophenyl allyl ether( TPE), CBAP-912, Brominated epoxy oligomers (BEP), Decabromo disphenyl ethane (TDE) ,Decabromine Bisphenol A(TBA). THREE, Antimony Trioxide Masterbatch Triox Flame Retardant: Antimony Trioxide Masterbatch Triox PE-90, Antimony Trioxide Masterbatch Triox PA-80, Antimony Trioxide Masterbatch TrioxPVC-85 FOUR, Allyl Compound: Tri Allyl Iso Cyanurate (TAIC), Bisphenol A Bisallyl ether, Bisallyl Bisphenol A , Bisallyl Bisphenol S. FIVE,.Peroxide chemical: Sodium Percarbonate, Acetic Acid Peroxide. We are sincere to every customer. Our annual output of magnesium salt and bromine flame retardant has reached to 50,000MTS and 4,000MTS respectively. All the products are being exported to more than twenty countries such as Japan ,Europe ,Australia, American and the countries in east-southern Asia. The products are in good quality and low price .By now we are enjoying a high prestige all over the world. We will sincerely cooperate with the friends from all over the world.

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