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Quzhou Weirong Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd

   We are the biggest manufacturer of Furazolidone. Our main products include Nitrofurazone, Furaltadone NCL, 5-Nitrofurfural Diacetate, Sodium Methylate, Sodium Acetate, Camphor-w-sulphonic acid, Clopiclol, P-hydroxybenzoic acid, etc.. Located in Qizhou, (close by Juhua Group), we enjoy very convenient transportation. Covering a total property of 26000square meters, with a fixed asset of 35,000,000yuan,580 staff members, and a strong technical force, together with a well-established scope, and competitive price, has enable us to be at the front line in the same field. General manager Wuweirong together with the whole staff, look forward to a prosperous future.

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