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Sichuan Guanghan Xicheng Biochemistry Co., Ltd.

   Sichuan Guanghan Xicheng Biochemistry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986. It is located in the Guanghan city, is 35km away from Chengdu city. The company has total assets of 10 million Yuan and complete production equipment and facilities. We have good relation with colleges. Directed by biochemical engineering professor, we specialize in the development and production of animal meat and bone products. We have 3 product lines. We produce 1,200 tons peptone, 2,000 tons animal charcoal, animal charcoal A grade powder & animal charcoal watermill powder, and 400 tons bone oil serial products. Our products are mainly used in medicine, health care food, cosmetics, high grade ceramics, metallurgy, feedstuff, fertilizer, and grease chemical industry.

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