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Nantong Huafeng Chemical Co., Ltd.


Huafeng Chemicals is a leading pharmaceutical intermediates producer founded in 1976. With 30 years commitment to the chemical & pharmaceutical industry, Huafeng Chemicals has obtained a reputation as an ideal partner for companies seeking to develope new pharmaceutical & chemical products.

Huafeng Chemicals has 7 workshops operating more than 200 reactors, which is backed up by an R & D center equipped with the advanced analytical instruments and a pilot-plant. Aiming at the world highest standard, Huafeng Chemicals has passed ISO9001 validation, and is proud of its strong R&D team of 70 scientists and technicians who are ready to meet the toughest challange of the industry to help our partners from around the world.

With an easy access by express-way and airport, Huafeng chemicals is located in Rugao Economic Development Zone north of Yangtze River, where it is the hub of China's chemical & pharmaceutical industry.

"Best quality to the best of our customers". This is Huafeng Chemicals philosophy embraced for years, and for years to come.

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