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Anhui Guangde Keyuan Chemical Company Ltd


The predocessor of Anhui Guangde Keyuan Chemical Company Ltd, is Jiangsu Guangde Keyuan Chemical Company Ltd Reseach Institute. It was founded in 1989. Our company makes full use of our own advantages and can develep products and produce products with the help of scientific research, we keep producing new products of high technology. Therefore, over the last ten years, our company has an enterprise of some large scales.

Our works mainly products intermediates of medicine, pestcide chemicals plant growth regulator, such as 3-hydroxy-2-methylbenzoic acid, 2-Hydroxyphenglacetic acid and etc. acid seriers, p-flourobenzdehyde, p-etnoxybenzaldehyde and etc. aldehyde seriers, forchlorfenuron, 6-benzylaminopurine and etc. plant regulators seriers and so on.

The measuring methods of our works are advanced. The quality of products is steady. In order to enlarge our market, our works is determined to serve the customers better and offer more favorable cooperation conditions. We sincerely hope that all the companions will give as guidance and cooperation and will develop tohether.

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