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Jiangsu Jianghai Chemical Factory (Changzhou Jianghai Chemical Factory)


It has been mainly engaged in the manufacture of water treatment products. Our company is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise that has been concurrently undertaking manufacture, sale and research. Presently we have formed the annual manufacturing capacity of 48000 tons of various water treatment agents.

Our company enjoys very good operational environments and high quality talents. Presently, we have 260-odd employees, including 80-odd ones who has the educational backgrounds above junior college or technical secondary school and has various expertise for water treatment.

Our main products, such as PBTC, HEDP, PAA, DTPMP, AA/AMPS, 1227, HPMA, EDTMPS, ClO2 etc., have been appraised as high-quality recommended products for 8 years running.

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