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Banxi Stibium ore Taojiang County,Hunan Province


The Banxi Stibium ore was founded in late period of the Ching Dynasty from 1895 to 1896, It was administrated early or late by the government and Several Companies. Of these Companies, the Weiyi Jiutong Company was the most prosperous. The quality and quantity of its products were equal to those of the Cokesan Company of Britain.

Having been established for about one hundren years, the Banqi Stibium ore has a contingent of workers and staffs with much experience and powerful technology. Its technology in mining, Slecting and smelting are very strong and advanced. It has modern technological facilities and reliable examination equipment. It produces more than 3000 tons refined stibium ore and 5000 tons oxidic-stibium per year, Sodium antimonate 1500 tons ,and more than 10 tons powder Sulphide stibium per day. The Jiutong trademark stibium product series have been sold to west Europe, U.S.A., Japan and Southeast Asia and other about one hundren Countries and areas for about one hundren years. Its production technology and product quality are all advanced in the stibium industries of the world. The products stand first on the list in high reputation and excellent quality. The Banqi Stibium ore locates on the beautiful and fertile sides of the Peach Blossom river with beautiful scenery and environment. We welcome warmly merchants of all countries to the ore to negotiate and Co-operate.

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