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Huachang Polymer Co. Ltd. of East China University Science Technology


Huachang Polymer Co., Ltd. of ECUST is one of the main research and production bases for anticorrosive resins, heavy-duty anticorrosive / special industrial coatings and materials in China. As one of the hi-tech enter prises authorized by Shanghai Municipality, the company has the national construction qualification of Grade One and holds the management system certificate of ISO9001.

Professor Zuozhen Liu, Chairman of the board of directors and General Manager of the Company, wons the titles of Pioneer of the New Long March, Outstanding CCP member and Excellent enterpreneur of accomplishing inventions, all authorized by Shanghai Municipality.

Due to the outstanding achievements of MS solventless, self-leveling epoxy flooring & construction technology and MFE-5 Vinyl Ester Resin, Huachang Company wons the National First Class Award for advancement of anticorrosion technology issued by Chinese Society of Anti-Corrosion Technology in May 2001.

Taking the advantage of the high scientific and technological level of our university and the support from the Government, the company mainly undertakes research, production and marketing of anticorrosive hi-tech products, ion-exchange and adsorption resins and industrial insulating oils .The main products are: unsaturated polyester resins, including Vinyl Ester type, Bisphenol-A type, Xylene type, ISO type and ORTHO type; Heavy-duty coating, Static conducting and dust-free floor coating; Ion exchange and adsorption resins .The products listed above successively won 40 prizes for advancement of science and technology or new product issued from the Government. And they were approved for trial production and enrolled in Shanghai Torch Projects etc.

Most products are recognized by Ministry of Construction and ex-Ministry of Chemical Industry as a specified enterprise to produce.

We can also design anticorrosion engineering according to customer's requirement, providing consulting service on technical problems and accepting contract or supervision anticorrosion projects. We hold national second class qualification for anticorrosion engineering construction, accumulating abundant experiences in the area.

Huachang company has outstanding predominance in industrialization of high-molecular-weight polymers. Many products, such as vinyl ester resins are internationally well-known for their high qualities; xylene unsaturated polyester resins are widely used all over China; self-leveling dust-free flooring coatings and ion exchange and adsorption resins special for purityng biochemical products are in the top international level.

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