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Huari Mepals & Minerals Co.,Ltd.


Huari Mepals & Minerals Co.,Ltd. is a newly established private company specialized in manufacturing fire retardant materials. The company has a total asset of RMB 18 million and a capacity of annually producing 5,000 tons of antimonial serial products, aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide serial products including high-purity Sb2O3, super-fine Sb2O3, catalytic Sb2O3, dust-free Sb2O3, surfactant Sb2O3, smoke-inhibiting Sb2O3, composite glass clarifier super-fine aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide. The company employs first-class managing, technical and marketing professions and is a modern enterprise with clear equities, explicit authority and responsibility, and scientific management. Our business principles is good faith and we believe that all friends cooperating with us will be satisfied with our quality products, honest moral quality and perfect services

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