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Ningxia Xingping Metallurgy Chemicals Stock Co.,Ltd.(original Pingluo Ferroalloy) was established in 1980. It is located in the north of Yinchuan plain. It is close to Shahu tour area, which is a famous place of interest. Our company owns a total area of 38,000 square meters, 70000KVA installed gross capacity, a total assets of RMB 0.25 (including RMB 0.18 billion fixed assets and RMB 0.1 billion net assets). With over 2,000 staff, our company is a large-scale enterprise approved by Economy and Trade Committee in autonomous region.

Our company has formed a production scale of four series(chemical, metallurgy, charcoal wood and light industry) and over ten kinds. Yearly production capacity for calcium carbide is 80,000T, for calcium cyanamide is 90,000T, for cyanoguanidine is 25,000T, for ferrosilicon is 20,000T, for metallurgical coke is 160,000T and for fibre glass is 500T. There are 80,000 stripes of one-ton container bag, 40,000 plastic woven products and 20,000 bottles of oxygen. Export quantum of leading products such as calcium carbide, cyanoguanidine and ferrosilicon occupies 70%, which are mainly sold to over ten countries and districts such as Japan, Korea, USA, India, Europe. Our company has received ISO9002 international quality system certification. It has received awards as the following: advanced enterprise by regional, municipal and prefectural government for several times and advanced unit for export.

The development philosophy of our company is to have specific management, to produce fine products, to have larger scale and to have powerful strength. In the future 5 to 10 years, Our company will introduce advanced technological equipment, improve technological value and additional vale of products, optimize enterprise's development strategy, adjust enterprise structure and improve enterprise's competitive abilities in the tide of market economy on the industrial chain of calcium carbide--calcium cyanamide--cyanoguanidine --cyanamide aqueous solution--aqueous relative products. Before 2008, our company will become a multifunctional enterprise group with the leading export products of chemical and metallurgy.

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