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Gangsu Qiyuan Chemical Production Co.,LTD


Gangsu Qiyuan Chemical Production Co.,LTD. is located in the foot of the Great wall in the west suburb of Jiayuguan city, covers an area of 32,000sqm, we have 30 millions fixed assets and 380 employees, among them 30% own the titles. Founded in 1984, we are the one of ten chromate manufacturers of former national chemical industrial dept., the throughput of " Hangrui" chrome salts have reached 15,000t and the product value is 90 millions yuan. The main products are sodium bichromate, chromium hydroxide,chromic anhydride, chrome oxide green, basic chrome sulfate , potassium dichromate etc. Tested by the authoritative organization, all the products meet with the standard of GB. Our products have got well sold in lots of countries, such as USA, Japan, Korea, Germany, Holland, Italy, Australia etc. We also have a product line, it mainly produces clay powder, French chalk, barite powder, fireclay powder, limestone powder etc, and the annual output has reached 40,000 tons. We have two special railways in the company. There are four railway stations near the company, such as Jiayuguan, Lvhua, Jiuquan, Yumen, these stations can provide convenient transportation for you. We are close to the silk road, Lanxin railway, national expressway 312, Jiayuguan airport, Dunhuan airport, Qingshui airport, Dingxin airport, we enjoy very convenient transportation. Our company , the Silk road, Dunhuang , Jianayuang and Jiquan satellite launching base sincerely welcome you.

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