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Anhua Huayu Antimony Industry Co.,Ltd.


Hunan Province Anhua Huayu Antimony Industry is located in the town of Malu, Auhua Country, Hunan province where has abundant deposits of antimony. Originally founded as the deep processing base of state-owned Hunan Anhua Zhazixi Antimony Ore, Anhua Huayu Antimony Co.,Ltd. is a state-owned system-restructured enterprise specializing in deep process of antimony. Yearly production capacity for antimony is 8,000t.

Our main production "HUAYU" Sb2 O3 (0 grade) adopts the latest technology, it has the advantage of high content of antimony, slim diameter, pure white coloring, well compatibility. It is supposed to be the best one in China.Product quality has reached internationally advanced level. Tested by SGS, all indexes are better than those of national standard. Because of such supreme quality, it enjoys a large market share in China, also has the market in Japan, USA and Southern-east Asia. Refined antimony (GB 1 # and 2 # ), synthetic glass cleaning agent, surface attribution changing Sb2 O3, colloid antimony in smoke prohibitive type etc,wining high reputation among our customers.

The factory has equipped with advanced instruments and has a lot of professional inspectors We are frist user in China import specialized instrument from USA, which help greatly upgrade the quality. Our company has ever won many outstanding honors such as the title of "Third level measurement qualification certificate (1985)", "Quality assurance qualified unit certificate of imports and export (1998) ","China famous (1995)" We passed ISO-9002 in 1998. It has received awards for the following: quality products in China in 2002 and reliable unit awarded by Bureau of Quality and Technology Supervision in the same year.

In order to develop market both at home abroad.The company has joined Internet. It has one top domain name, three real names of internet registration: antinomy, Huayu antimony products, antimony products. Besides, it has offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing and Beijing etc..

We insist on the pinciple "Quality frist, Tust Best". Sincerely welcome customers both in China and abroad to discuss business with us on the basis of "Sincere cooperation mutual benefit" .

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