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Sichuan Chuanheng Group, a private company, located at Shifang City, Sichuan Province in Southwest of China with two subsidiaries, Sichuan Chuanheng Chemicals Co., Ltd. and Guizhou Chuanheng Chemical Co., Ltd. is specialized in mining Phosphate rock and producing, developing and marketing phosphate chemicals of feed grade, industrial grade, and fertilizer grade as well as special phosphate chemicals of food grade and pharmaceutical grade basing on utilizing local abundant resource.

Sichuan Chuanheng Group has 1 million Square Meters production base and turnover 36.3 million USD per year.The total capacity of Phosphate Chemical reaches 370,000 MT per year comprising with DCP at 250,000MT, MCP at 50,000 MT, special Food and Pharmaceutical Grade Phosphate Chemical at 10,000MT, Industrial Grade Phosphate Chemical at 10,000MT, Fertilizer Grade Phopshate Chemical at 50,000MT per year respectively. Sichuan Chuanheng Group is well positioned No.2 for its production volume of Phosphate Chemicals in China

There are more than fifty Phosphate Products with brand "Little Prince " to sell both in domestic and international markets such as Japan, Singapore, Malyasia, Thailand, Korea and Taiwan. "Little Prince" is the No 1 choice for the animal feed producers in the world because of it high quality and excellent performance ¡åLittle Prince ¡åis the 9001 : 2000 certificated product.

Sichuan Chuanheng Group Takes¡åNew Sound Specialist of Phosphate Chemicals¡åas her responsibility, consistently develops and innovates new technologies through roundly and deeply cooperating with the well-known specialists of Phosphate Chemicals in China to improve technologies level. Sichuan Chuanheng Group Pays great attention to the intellectual property and patents and possesses multiple patents.

Sichuan Chuanheng Group values her staffs and combines the Confucian culture to develop company's business. Sichuan Chuanheng Group still keeps"Cost-cutting. High Quality, Satisfaction, Valuable" as the principle to seek for perfecting and providing the best products¡åExcellent Enterprise of Sichuan Re-employing¡å from local and provincial government. Sichuan Chuanheng Group is rated AAA by Agriculture Bank of China.

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