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Haiyan Tianyuan Science And Technology Change Co.,Ltd. was founded on the basis of Jiaxing Tianyuan chemical factory. It belongs to nongovernmental business science and technology enterprise. The registration capital of our company is 1.5 million yuan.

After the foundation of our company, according to the scientific researching strength, we have successfully developed medicine & pesticide intermediate compound for arene series containing in the international refined chemical market such as :2,3,4,5,-Tetrafluorobenzoic acid , 2,4,5,-trifluorobenxoic acid, 2,6-Difluorobenzamide, Gatifloxacin, Sparfloxacin etc.. We have got the certificate of ISO9001 quality system.

According to the status quo and the requirements of the market development, our company takes arene series containing fluo as main products. We keep introducing in various kinds of persons with abilities, enlarging market share gradually. In order to adapt the situation that China is going to enter WTO, our company will pass ISO9002 system attestation as soon as possible. By the year of 2005, the production value of our company will be over 10 million yuan, profit payments and tax turnover will be over 25 million yuan.

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