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Shanghai Luojing Dyeing Chemical Co.,Ltd.


Shanghai Luo Jing Dyestuff Company Co.,Ltd. formerly Shanghai Luo Jing Chemical Works, was founded in 1963 and was a joint plant of No.3 Shanghai Dyestuff Factory. Over the past thirty eight years, led by the company leaders wisely, the company has adopted flexible operationmeasures, scientific management system, top customer care service and continuing pursuit of quality, and therefore has won trust and support from friends of all circles. At present, the company has become a modern private enterprise with certain scale, which boasts of strong production capability and rich technological resources. The leading product Jing Mei Positive Ion Dyes has high quality and is sold at markets both home and abroad.

Since the moment of its foundation, the company has persisted in the policy of customer centered, offering customers with satisfying products and service, and seeking benefits out of good management. This has provided robust groundwork and promise for the company's development.

we, the general manager Huiqi Yan and all his staff, are working harder to deliver better products and services to our customers. We are expecting to establish more effective business cooperation with all walks of life.

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