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Yizheng City East Chemical Co., LTD.


Yizheng City East Chemical Co., LTD. (former Yizheng City East Chemical Factory) is composed of east and west factory. There are 250 staff, and 80 engineers and technicians. We have independently research institute and control laboratory. We own total area 52,600m2, total capital fund RMB28,000,000 and Annual output value about RMB85,000,000.

The company has been assessed and found to be in conformity with the requirements of ISO9002. Dispose of the three wastes in accordance with the official regulations and have passed the check.

The company is special in fine chemicals such as the intermediates of medicine, pesticide and dyestuff. Nitrobenzaldehyde series, Nitrobenzoic acid series and Nitrobenzylalcohol series ect. are our leading products.

We have rich experience especially in the fields of Brominating-10,000L, Nitrofication-16,000L (temperature 0-60oC), Nitric acid Oxidation-8,000L, Reduction-6,000L (pressure reach 1.5 MPa), Esterification-8,000L, Hydrolysis-1,000L(temperature 0-280oC), and rectify - high of rectify tower is 15m (temperature 0-280oC).

We can except supply you our existing products. We also looking forward to cooperate with you use our equipment and reaction ability to research and manufacture new product. We expect earnestly cooperate with you to found resplendent future.

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