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About Us

Jiangyin Changjiang Gas Separtion Equipment Co.,Ltd.


Gas industry has a bright future. As an important industrial material,the product of gas industry has appled to metallurgy, steel, petroleum, chemical industry, electron, medicine, enviromental protection and food etc.

Company is located in Qingyang town,Jiangyin city in the Yangtze Delta,with a convenient transportantion system.Owning a scientific research mansion, advanced workshop and specialists in gas separation, company relates its products to nitrogen-making machine with PSA carbon molecular sieve and with MG Generon membrane,purifying equipment of PSA hydrogen and all kinds of purifying equipment, which are sold all around the country.

As a specified manufacturer, company has earned ISO9000 quality certificate and other honors from government or Magnetic Material Society.

Holding quality and customers as basis, aiming at 100% qualification rate and 100% contentment rate, company does the business with diversified management and meet the requirements from customers to the extremity.

Warmly welcome you here for our mutual business!

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