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Chengdu Superman Plant & Chemical Development Co.,Ltd.


Chengdu Superman Plant & Chemical Development Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise which is engaged in research, development, production and export of plant extracts. The company head-quarters is located in the world tour famous city Dujiangyan City of Sichuan province. Under the company, There are branch factories. There are several long-term professional personnels which are engaged in research and production of plant extracts and modern management and administration personnels.

Chengdu Superman has stringent management, rich technological strength, frist productive facilities and advanced analyzing equipment.Building on advanced technologies, prefection product quality and services, Superman is approved by the customers in the Europe, U.S.A and Japan.So it has come out from around to be the strongest manufacturer of plant extract.

With the aid of rich resources of medicinal materials in Sichuan province and around areas, and over 10 year's experience in plant extracts. Superman has achieved great sucesses in development and production of Hesperdine, Citrus Aurantium P.E., Methyl-Hesperidin Quercetin,Levodopa, Rutin, Baicalin, HoneysuckleP.E.,Diosgenin, 16-DPA.These products are well recognize and regarded by the pharmaceutical industry due to the excellent quality and services. We believe that you'll be satisfied by the quality of our products and services from us.

Superman's spirit is "Go all out in work; be united and dedicate"; Superman'saim is "Pursue outstanding; Abide by perpetuity"; Superman's guiding ideology is "Quality is the life of Superman; Science and technology is the source of Superman's life". The company is willing to do wide business actives and long-term sincere cooperations with pharmaceutical colleagues at China and abroad.

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