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Hubei Xiangyun Group


The XIANGYUN group companythereforephosphor the chemical engineering, sulphur the chemical engineering with the large chemical engineering business enter -prise that the fine chemical engineering is main, locate the Wuxue City, Hubei pro -vince, north 200 kilometers from Wuhan, south 90 kilometers from Lushan, Lie in Yangtze River Rong hing speed, city nine railroads hand over here.

Year produce phosphoric acid a ammonium 24 ten thousand tons fen, for big -gest phosphor of Hubei the ammonium produce the company. Another produce 10 ten thousand tons reunite fertilizer, 18 ten thousand tons phosphor fertilizer, 40 ten thousand tons sulfuric acid, 4 ten thousand tons syn- thesize the ammonia, 100 tons triclosan and the sodium fluorosilicate need the agriculture to use with the fine chemical engineering product.

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