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Liancheng baixin science and technology Co., Ltd.


Liancheng baixin science and technology Co., Ltd. was was founded on February, 2001. It is one of the biggest science and technology type business enterprises of Fujian province. The company shareholders constitute mainly of the well-know enterpreneur in Liancheng City, with the strength economic and the good reputation. The technology to produce the high and pure degree dimer acid developed by our company is a high-tech item that fill up the local blank, and its complemented is great significance to promote the fine chemical engineering profession development of our country. The item acquired the technology creative funds of Fujian province. Now high and pure degree of dimer acid are superior product to the domestic and international market, the quanlity is better than the same kind product and has received good customer opinion.

It is situated in Liwu industry Zone of Liancheng city Fujian province. it has 35000meter square. We have more than 40 employees and technicians more than 18 persons. The factory is located at the side of 205 country road and transportation is very convenient.

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