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Shanxi Shundu Group Co.,Ltd.,


Shanxi Shundu Group Co.,Ltd.,a state-owned medium-size enterpriseŁ¬is located near the tri-province region of Shanxi, Shaanxi, and Henan. Our company includes eight subdivisions specializing in fine chemicals, fertilizers, the wine industry, and the animal pharmaceutical industry,while providing printing, packaging, and other necessary commercial services. There are 2,000 staff members in the company, 530 of whom have undergraduate educational level and 330 of whom have mid-level or senior positions. Our organization has received awards for the following: our improvement of the local Shanxi economy, our high-quality fertilizer production ,and the distinction of being a key beverage producer in China. We have successfully met ISO9002 international standards and can carry out import-export negotiations.

The company was established in 1998. Led by Yang Keyi,this organization operates on a philosophy of strong management and quality control. Our scale of operations have expanded to meet broader customer demands. Besides carbamide (a yearly output of 120,000 tons) and distilled spirits (a yearly output of 5000 tons), we now also produce fine chemical products. Current chemical products are: Isocyanuric Acid (5000 tons/year), Mateic Anhydride(10,000 tons/year) , Theic (1000tons/year) ,Allantoin(300tons/year), and Carbamide Peroxide(300 tons/year). Our products have a ready market in our country and abroad. The market prospect is very promising.

Shundu group has a convenient location for shipping. We are close to the Yunfeng highway and Tongpu railway,just a two hour's journey from Xi'an international airport. Our company continues to work towards product refinement, higher quality, and international business standards. Yang Keyi, the CEO of our company, welcomes clients at home and abroad to do business with us.

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