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Shanghai Dyestuffs Research Institute Co.,Ltd


SDRI (Shanghai Dyestuffs Research Institute Co., Ltd)£¬ISO 9001 certified and state licensed producer, is the Chinese leading Manufacture of food colors and food aluminum lakes used to make a diverse variety of foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and feedstuffs .

LION HEAD®food colors and food lakes have acquired the honor of”°Shanghai Brand-named Products”±since 1996 and the Trade Mark has also been cognized as”°Shanghai Famous Trade Mark”±by government.

To better exhibit our series products with more detailed application properties and reflect our expanded services, our website has been completely reconstructed to serve as a more complete information resource for the products and services.

Our motto is not only to supply our customers with the high grade products we offer, but also to partner with our customers in creating their first-class products.

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