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Jiangxi Musashino Bio-Chem Co., Ltd (Shanghai Office)


Sino-Japanese Joint Venture Jiangxi Musashino Bio-Chem Co., Ltd (JMB),is located in Xiaolan Industry Park of Nanchang city, a heroic city. It is established in 2000,invested by( Japan) Musashino Chemical Laboratory, Ltd (MCL), the manufacturer of high quality lactic acid products in the world, and Jiangxi Keyuan Biotech Co., Ltd, a joint-stock company held by Jiangxi Academy of Sciences.

The Japanese Investor MCL is established in 1949.It is the largest manufacturer of high quality lactic acid in the world and has advanced technique of production and related experiences about more than 50 years. As a joint venture of MCL in China, JMB will keeps on engaging in the exploitation and innovation of lactic acid industry. By taking the idea of harmonious development between human beings and the nature, JMB combines the latest technique of biofermentation of the Chinese side and advanced technique of refinement of the Japanese side, using grain starch as raw materials and all the production process and quality control are taken strictly according to international standard to ensure the provide of L-lactic acid and its derivatives with top quality in the world.

JMB now has total capacity of 5000t high quality L-Lactic annually. Together with MCL it aim to build up the largest industrial chain of high quality L-lactic acid in Asia in next few years and to form the provision system of lactic acid products (include L-lactic acid and DL-lactic acid) with the brand“MUSASHINO”for meeting the diversified needs of consumers in the world.

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