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Shanghai Shangjin Pharmacy Factory (former Shanghai Shangjin Chemical Industry Factory)


Shanghai Shangjin Pharmacy Factory (former Shanghai Shangjin Chemical Industry Factory), also named as the Chinese People's Liberation Army 9846th Factory, was established in January, 1970, containing a land area of 25,400 square meters. And the fixed assets is 17 million Yuan, the circulating fund is 15 million Yuan. It is a factory hold by armyman's family, and mainly engaged in the manufacture of the medicine, the alleviating pain and diminish inflammation ointment. The product mainly covers following: pure benzol, methylbenzene, dimethylbenzene, carbinol, normal butyl alcohol, isobutanol, dimethyl carbinol, acetone, cyclohexanone, 120# solvent naphtha, 200# solvent naphtha, 6# extraction solvent naphtha and other altogether more than 30 types chemical industrial materials. And besides, we have owned the 4000 tons chemical industrial solvent stock tank, and offer an integrated service of storage and transportation.

We offer a favorable price, the high quality product, good service and top grade measurement to all our customers and friends in all walks. We will continue to exert our efforts for a better business and brilliant future.

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