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Zhuzhou Xinglong Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.


Zhuzhou Xinglong Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. is established in Longtoupu industrial area, Shifeng district, Zhuzhou city. Our company now has been developed into an enterprise with RMB 0.15 billion capital after over ten years' hard work, continuous development, input and technical innovation. Production equipment and testing method rank the first in the same industry in our country. Two kinds of products have been formed: "Xiangjiang" brand soda-lime glass and carbon white. Yearly production capacity for carbon white is over 60,000T and for soda-lime glass is over 250,000T. Both rank the first in our country.

You reap what you sow. The achievements of Xinglong Chemical has been approved by our government and clients. Our company will always insist on the philosophy of"clients supreme, serve supreme, quality first". Products are sold to over twenty provinces and cities in our country and also sold to Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Italy and Taiwan area.

We Will lag behind if we do not make any progress. We should keep on establishing core competitive power of our enterprise to achieve success and repay society and consumers.

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