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Asia Chemical Engineering Co.,Ltd is a high-tech company mainly dealing with research and development of equipment and machinery for household chemical production, as well as supply of complete plant, our company has integrated R&D, fabrication and trading into one entity.

We have been living on quality and developing on technology for tens of years. Making good use of our holistic technological advantages, we step by step adopted and absorbed many advanced techniques and practical experience from outside and inside China. Thus we have made such rapid and continous progress that our technology has come to world first level and our company now is the most powerful household chemical production manufacturer in our country.

The motto "Qulity is the life of the company" is in the hearts of every menber of staff. Qulified professionals will excute and supervise every working link, i.e., design, fabricating, assembling, adjustment, and plant commissioning. That ensures the final product qulity meets our customer's requirements. The detergent powder comes out from Asia Chmical at very beginning.

Based on our tens of years experince in this field, absorbing advanced know-how from souces outside and inside China, we now can supply techniques and devices concerning mostly every field in household chemical production. It mainly include the following devices:

powder detergent, toilet soap, soap, cosmetic, liquid detergent, oil & fats process, oil & fats hydrolysis, sodium silicate, SO3 sulfonation process, pulp and canteen, chmical material and so on.

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